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Okhla Bird Sanctuary – spend some time planning birdwatching near Delhi

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The onset of the winter season in December is bringing some good news for birdwatchers in Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Noida. Seems like the bird reserve is finally receiving its share of migratory birds that make this place quite popular amongst bird lovers. Situated at Okhla Barrage over River Yamuna, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is the right escape for nature lovers living in and around Delhi to enjoy birding in the winter season.

Winter birds as they are often denoted, the avifauna of Europe and Siberia soar all the way to India to take refuge in the warmer climate. The major birds that can be seen flying to Okhla Bird Sanctuary are Northern Shoveler, Greylag Goose, Common Coot, Pollard Pochard, Wigeon, Wigeon Duck, Gadwall, Common Teal, and Gulls. According to the survey in the park, the maximum number of that Northern Shovelers is being seen in Okhla Bird Sanctuary which is a gregarious species of birds.

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In order to offer a hospitable ambiance to both birds and visitors, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is taking a few measures. The nests are being refurbished for the guest birds and the sanctuary is also making sure that the birds get enough quietude and safety to inhabit and reproduce as well. For bird lovers, guides are being provided so that more knowledge about these foreign birds and the native bird sanctuary can be disseminated.


What is noteworthy is that on the Bird Watcher Day observed last month in November, only 1035 birds could be sighted in Okhla Bird Sanctuary but the number increased to 5000 in just 7 days. It is hoped that by the beginning of the month of January around 22000 birds will be inhabiting the bird sanctuary. So, if you are an ornithologist or aspire to be one, or simply a bird and nature lover, visiting Okhla Bird Sanctuary is something you can put on your weekend bucket list. If you are taking a metro, it would be better to get down either Sector 18 or Botanical Garden Metro Stations (Blue Line) from where you can take an auto or cab to Okhla Bird Sanctuary, which is located some 5-6 km away.